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Years of recession and legislative paralysis in California have already left our schools crippled by
devastating funding cuts.

Pacifica's elementary schools are looking at another loss of $457 per student in January unless voters support new revenue initiatives on the November ballot. Without this funding, our students could lose seven days of school this year, and possibly even more next year.

Two ballot measures that could help stave off these brutal cuts are detailed below. (For your reference, it will take $5.4 billion in added revenue just to keep school funding flat in 2012-2013.)

  Prop. 30 (Governor Brown's Initiative) Prop. 38 (Molly Munger's Initiative)
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  KCET analysis of Prop. 30 Ballotpedia analysis of Prop. 38
Who pays? Income tax increase on individuals earning over $250K and couples earning over $500K; sales tax increase of .25%. Tax increase on families earning $40K or more. Sliding scale: richer families pay more.
How much will it raise? $4.8-6.9 billion $10 billion
Where does it go? 89% to K-12 education, 11% to community colleges 60% to K-12 education, 30% to retire school bond debt, 10% for early childhood education
When does it expire? Sales tax after 4 years; income tax after 7 years After 12 years
What happens if both pass? If both measures pass, whichever gets more votes will prevail.


Thanks to the advocacy group Educate Our State for providing the data for the table above!

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